Nose fillers gone wrong

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We have recently seen the rapid development of nose fillers gone wrong. People have always sought to improve or beautify their appearance.

The external beauty of the body and face has always been of great importance for a person. Today, this branch of aesthetic medicine has ceased to be a privilege of the powerful and has become available to almost everyone.

And very few people now will agree with the opinion that it is necessary to be content with that appearance which is by nature. Each of us wants to look better or younger.

Why do people choose nose fillers gone wrong?

It is no secret that a pleasant appearance promotes communication, and in many professions, it is even the key to success. You dont like your own nose?

One of the most complex and most popular sections of plastic surgery is nose fillers gone wrong. With rhinoplasty, you can practically change your face, as the nose occupies the Central part of it.

So, is it possible:

1. Nose shape correction;

2. –°hange (increase or decrease) size;

3. To correct both congenital and acquired as a result of injury defects.

In addition to this, the correction of the appearance of the nose fillers gone wrong can be supplemented by the work of an otolaryngologist, which leads to improvement or restoration of breathing:

– alignment of the curvature of the septum in the nose;

– elimination of hypertrophy of the nasal shells;

– removal of polyps.

Want to know more about nose fillers gone wrong?

The work of the surgeon in the correction of nose defects requires precision jewelry. The skin (or mucous membrane) is separated from the bones and cartilage, after which comes the most crucial moment – changing the shape of the bones with a special tool.

In complex cases, most often after injury, may require re-operation nose fillers gone wrong.

A person can return to his usual life in half a month, but the final result is estimated not earlier than in 6 months.


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